Exotic Guitar Humidity

The original pre-post-rock album
This is 4-track improv - an untainted snapshot of the most transcendent moment in music: the initial, serendipitous, collaborative conception. This documents the only time these songs were performed, capturing the songs' primacy as they were conceived.

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Jazzless is not jazz; yet similarly creates music through collaborative improvisation.

Jazzless is not space-rawk, but may be the unsung godfathers of the now-hyped michigan scene.

Jazzless is scuba-rock, more likely scuba roll: the soundtrack for watching bubbles float to the surface lying on your back at the bottom of the pool, for dyslexic surf parties, for epic bridge crossings as well as lazy, warm afternoons sipping champagne on the balcony.

Jazzless is not a band, though these musicians have been in bands: transient waves, majesty crush, thirsty forest animals, astrobrite, and spectacle.

Jazzless is not half-baked; it's completely baked. these recordings lack full instrumentation and production, but all got soul. lose your ego, baby - and your rock-on preconceptions... surf's up, go jazzless go.

Feeling very jazzless

andrew peters
guitar, bass, xylophone
loren jackson
guitar, bass, autoharp
michael cooper
guitar, bass, xylophone
craig thornton
guitar, pedal
hobey echlin
hugh duncan


Recorded december 1992 to july, 1993 at loren's near warren's, the schwankovski temple of music, across the street from white room studio, popsicle studio, and upon the shores of sylvan lake and lake michigan. Recorded in living room stereo on lofi four tracks or less.
Remastered in 2019 by bob weston at chicago mastering service.

Special thanks

Buck Henry, Michael Segal, Theodor Geisel, Joe Shanahan and Fred Darden, Metro Sound Crew, Bob, Nae, Sanz, Hugh, Hobey, Carrie, Echo, Steve Shelly, Joel, Kitties, The Kids, Kramer, Vinita Joshi, David Levine, Dave Segal, Bill Evans, Charles Webb, Mike Nichols, William Daniels, Dustin Hoffman, Noah Taylor, John Duigan, Jack Solomon, Kyle Stathem, Rich Hansen, Warren Defever, Third Man, Bob Weston, Samuel Bucheli, and Jacques Cousteau.